Friday, October 29, 2010

Michael F. McDonnell

In case you missed it Nebraska state auditor Mike Foley has utterly failed in an audit of the Omaha Fire Department.  He claims that the records are worthless and gave them a year to get their act together. He even told them how to keep records.  If that isn't passing the buck then I don't know what is.  I used to think Mike Foley was hardcore, but my opinion has changed.  He talks a big game but is all but impotent when it matters.

Michael McDonnell, the current Omaha Fire Chief, is clearly incompetent and needs to be fired.  Him and his cronies run the union and department without accountability and may have squandered millions of dollars.  There is no proof yet because the paperwork is incomprehensible.  How do they know what to pay if the records are junk? Something fishy is going on and I support Dave Nabity's call to use the States attorney general to conduct an investigation.

Jean Stothert and the rest of the city council are going to vote on a resolution urging the mayor to implement Mike Foley's plan.  There will be a public hearing on November 2nd and the council may vote on it then.  This move is merely the councils way of pretending to stay on top of the problem. The council has proven to be incapable of reforming the fire department as well as the police department.

Here is a link to the story. 

World Herald Article

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